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Just Touch Series

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Lighting Control

RGB & Tunable White Color Control

Curtain / Shutter Control

Air Conditioning Control

Free Programmable Pages


Interra Just Touch (Black and White) is a new generation thermostatic touch controller supporting up to 48 control points with 6+1 pages. With its extremely slim 1 mm high-quality glass capacitive full touch screen, and 8 touch buttons, it's one of the finest and thinnest switches in its class. It comes with pure black and pure white color finishes including its plastic parts and can control everything in a room that you can imagine.

With all these features, it provides great flexibility in terms of room controlling and architectural design and provides efficient solutions for residential homes or commercial applications such as hotel rooms, oices, and medical practices. Its user-friendly design makes smart buildings more easier to control and removes the complexity from your life. All you need is one simple touch to activate anything.

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