About us

About us


Oxygen Group ® is a dynamic company, formed by a motivated team that over the years has a big expertise & backgrounds in the Electromechanical Engineering industry, Trading, Marketing & Services which attests to the success and favourable opinions that the products have earned.

Oxygen Group is a leading creator, developer, and integrator of Engineering, Trading, Marketing & Services in support of economic and environmental sustainability. We know the key to sustainable success lies not only in envisioning and planning for the future but also in solving today's challenges. We are committed to helping our customers find engineering solutions that deliver immediate and long-term, bottom line results.


     Oxygen Group?

We  Are Dedicated To Your Success As a client, it’s all about YOU. To be an effective partner and advisor to you, we will develop a thorough understanding of which you are, what your organization stands for, which your members are, what you’re trying to accomplish, your pain points, and the opportunities awaiting you.

We  Partner With You for the Long Term We treat each client as a business partner. With each engagement, we work diligently to meet our commitments and deliver your desired results. We strive to establish

We  Provide You a Dedicated Team Every client (that’s you!) gets assigned to a dedicated team. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals committed to getting your project done on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations.

We  Deliver Results At the beginning of each project, we document what you want to accomplish with your systems, we will recommend the right solutions and approach that will help you be more successful online. We, your team and ours, won't stop until we’ve achieved your goals.

How we do it?

Oxygen Group®  combine superior products, creative thinking, and leading technology to provide you a comprehensive suite of standalone and fully integrated solutions. All of this is backed up by dependable, best-in-class service by our engineers, technicians and central monitoring staff. At OXYGEN, we put our power in your hands.

Oxygen Group® has the experience and expertise to meet the most demanding applications imaginable. At Oxygen, we use only the most reliable equipment from the leading manufacturers.

Oxygen Group® provide your facility with the best-in-class systems to power your overall business model. Each system is custom designed based on your facilities unique characteristics and professionally installed by trained team. We also provide preventative maintenance and inspection service to ensure your investment is protected, just like your facility.

Oxygen Group® sales staff and technicians understand the different aspects of the major applications.